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Technology, Media and Telcos

Technology is deeply embedded in our everyday lives- more so than ever before. It’s used on a constant basis and the continual development has a significant impact on every sector and industry.

We understand that the changes in this sector are fast and furious, and to keep up with the challenges and opportunities, our works to deliver innovative solutions to help your business maximise profit and grow.

Key issues facing the sector
  • Dramatic changes in legislation
  • The increasing demands of new product development and innovation
  • Major shifts in consumer behavior
How we can help you

Our partner-led approach means that we work with you to form a strong, collaborative relationship, providing practical advice utilising our expertise in everything from patent box and taxes to business advice.

By keeping up to date with the latest developments, we can ensure your business is perfectly placed to capture the opportunities for growth.


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Our experts

  • Name Andrew Delve, Derby Group Chairman