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Sam Thompson

Creditor Services & Court Department, Nottingham

Direct line: 0115 945 4313
Mobile: 07450 935 368


I am a Senior Administrator within our Business Recovery & Insolvency department, whilst specialising in our emerging Creditor Services team and Court department.

We have developed Smith Cooper Creditor Services by utilising our depth of technical knowledge and expertise in Business Recovery & Insolvency, to provide advice to clients who have customers who are unable to pay their debt when it falls due or have become insolvent and wish to maximise their recoveries.

What can I do for your organisation?

I can deliver advice and support to all businesses and professional advisors nationwide who are suffering as a consequence of customers, suppliers, clients or employees becoming insolvent.

The range of services provided include:

Assessing bad debts to understand and advise on potential debt collection techniques available

  • Assistance in issuing statutory demands and winding up petitions if reasonable negotiations aren’t successful
  • Advising on formal insolvency procedures which may be forthcoming and the subsequent consequences
  • Completion of all proxy and proof of debt forms on your behalf to ensure all deadlines are complied with and any dividends are received in full
  • Review and provide commentary of all insolvency reports and cyclical updates
  • Representation at creditors meetings, throughout the country
  • Highlighting and raising any concerns of a Director’s breach of fiduciary duties
  • Review and pursuit of Reservation of Title claims and completion of questionnaires
  • Reviewing and modifying proposals to ensure dividend distributions are maximised

However, the list is not exhaustive. Regardless of the situation, I am able to provide a précis of the options available and the potential consequences to you and your business.

Furthermore, any initial advice meetings to understand the position will be provided free of charge. A majority of our services can be provided without charge on a continual basis and should any charges arise, these would be fully disclosed before they are undertaken by our team, to allow you to decide whether it is commercially beneficial in doing so.

Experience Counts

Since joining the Business Recovery & Insolvency department from University, I have been involved with a wide variety of restructuring and insolvency procedures, from the Administration of an engineering business in Bristol and the Liquidation of a recruitment firm in Manchester, to a property repossession of a Bankrupt in Durham.

Having accumulated almost 4 years’ experience, this exposure has allowed me to develop an in depth understanding of personal and corporate insolvency scenarios and the respective effects on all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees and employers.

Consequently, these skills allow me to provide succinct, clear advice to clients who have expressed a desire to tighten credit control, pursue bad debts or have customers facing insolvency procedures.

It may even be necessary to appoint our preferred Insolvency Practitioner to oversee the process, ensuring any negligent Directors are reported to the Department for Business Innovation & Skills and are pursued personally for any wrongdoing, ensuring you have the best chance of securing a return on your losses.

Deeper knowledge

I have a wealth of experience in drafting and administering reports and holding meetings in each insolvency process, meaning I can review any correspondence and attend any meetings on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your day to day business, providing conclusive, succinct feedback and advice.

Furthermore, I have undertaken comprehensive investigations training and managed rights of action against Directors who have been in breach of their fiduciary duties or undertaken purported fraudulent activities. Consequently, any concerns of a Director’s conduct can be investigated thoroughly and expediently.

I am also studying to become a Certified Accountant, being midway through my ACCA qualification, allowing me to understand a business’ trade from a variety of perspectives.

Personally speaking

Outside of the office I enjoy a variety of sports, primarily playing rugby and visiting the gym during the weekends and evenings, having been a member at Derby Rugby Club for 12 years.

More recently I have begun getting my hands dirty and embarking on some property renovation, having recently restored my first house in a few months.

Socially, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, whether it be sat in the pub or rustling up a home cooked meal.