Amid recent scrutiny on employers and their pension duties, The Pensions Regulator are cracking down and conducting a swathe of investigations across the East Midlands to ensure employers are fully compliant.

A first for the region, similar spot checks have already been conducted in areas such as Greater Manchester and Birmingham, demonstrating the reality of The Pensions Regulator in action nationwide, and the threat posed to any employers who are still not compliant.

As of 2018, all employers must now provide a workplace pension scheme, which all qualifying employers must be automatically enrolled in to – it’s the law.

The checks, which are part of a much larger enforcement campaign, not only ensure employers are fully cooperative with pension requirements, but they safeguard qualifying employees.

Furthermore, the checks help regulators identify any challenges within an organisation that are preventing employees from complying, and also allow the regulators to use their powers to ensure employers receive exactly what they’re entitled to.

If you have any queries about your pension duties as an employer, or entitlements as an employee, please get in touch with one of our experts at our payroll bureau.