Following an in-depth review, the government set out in December 2018 its employment law reforms under the Good Work Plan in response to the Taylor review which was commissioned to address concerns regarding employee and worker rights in the UK. The aim was to review existing legislation, ensuring the law accurately reflects changing labour markets and protect workers’ rights in the UK.

Many of the changes identified take effect from April 2020:

  • The right to a basic written contract will take effect from day 1 of employment, (currently employers have 2 months to provide one) for employees. The right is also extended to workers too, (those who have a contract or arrangement to do work or provide a service
  • The reference period for calculating an average week’s pay will increase from 12 to 52 weeks, which is an important change for those working variable hours. Currently the rate of pay a worker receives may differ when on holiday, depending on how many hours they worked in the previous 12 weeks.
  • All agency workers will have the right to receive the same pay and basic employment terms as comparable permanent employees after 12 weeks, even those employed directly by employment agencies.

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