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Warning – fraudsters posing as bailiffs


Posted on 25 May 2016

In a recent scam, fraudsters are posing as bailiffs to demand money from businesses and residents.

The scam starts with a telephone call from the “bailiff” who explains they have a court warrant to visit your premises. They may announce the amount of debt and the company to which is owed and often explain they are 20 minutes away but will accept a payment over the phone to avoid a visit in person.

Even though individuals who have been targeted may be unaware of the debt, they may believe it to be legitimate.

Genuine bailiffs have a protocol, firstly sending a formal, written notice warning you that they will attend your premises in the near future to enforce a court order.

Surprise is key for bailiffs and as such, they will not tell you they are 20 minutes away as the fraudsters do.

When they do turn up, they have the correct documentation including ID and a copy of the court order and the court claim number.

If you are in any doubt – do not pay until you see satisfactory proof that they are genuine or seek advice from your trusted legal advisor. 

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