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Are you entitled to rebates? Act now!


Posted on 4 March 2015

As a result of the Autumn Statement, there has been a legislative change which means that rate payers now only have until 31 March 2015 to claim any rebates backdated to 2010. Any appeals lodged after this date will only backdate to April 2015 which means that from 1 April you stand to lose the right to appeal five years’ worth of rebates. 

Any company who has occupied commercial premises for any period since 2010 and is paying business rates could be eligible for a rebate. Some examples where there could be additional grounds for appeal include:

  • You have acquired or disposed of property
  • You have been affected by new business in the area 
  • Your property or portfolio has been empty for any period
  • You have experienced circumstantial changes such as construction or road works 
  • Your property or portfolio has been renovated
  • Your business has restructured

Act now

Due to the imminent deadline, the sooner you act the better! If you would like to discuss if you're entitled to a rebate or how to proceed, please get in touch with one of our team here

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