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The changes that will affect all UK limited companies from 30th June


Posted on 28 June 2016

Confirmation Statement

From 30th June 2016, UK limited companies and LLPs will be required to file an ‘Annual Confirmation Statement’ instead of an Annual Return.

The new statement will be required to be filled once every 12 months, the same as the previous Annual Return, however, it will be a more simplified process. For the majority of businesses the data will be the same as the previous year and will just need to be checked that the data held is still correct.

To complete the confirmation statement you will need to:

  • Check the information Companies House have on your registered office. If there have been any changes you will need to complete a separate form before filling your confirmation statement. 
  • Check and update your shareholder information, statement of capital and your standard industry classification.
  • Confirm your record is up to date
  • Pay the £13 fee to file online or £40 by paper

One significant change to the Confirmation Statement is the addition of the ‘PSC’ (Persons with significant control) information.

PSC Register Filing

In April the new rules for PSC came into action so by now every business should hold a PSC Register.

From the 30th June businesses must disclose on the public register all persons with significant control as part of the formation process and all Confirmation Statements must also have the same information when the statements are due for filing.

Failing to supply a PSC register will result in your company being fined or imprisonment.

Please get in contact with Smith Cooper if you need any guidance.

Further information on the confirmation statement is available from Gov.UK.

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