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New system for appealing Construction Industry Scheme penalties


Posted on 26 June 2015

Appealing against a Construction Industry Scheme penalty will soon be made easier with the new online appeals service.

This faster and more straightforward appeals process has been recommended by HM Revenue & Customs for contractors and their agents to use when appealing penalties.

When making an appeal through the online appeals service, contractors (or agents) will receive an instant acknowledgement, and in some cases the appeal will be dealt with and the outcome displayed online. 

In cases where appeals cannot be immediately accepted, and are referred for additional review within HMRC, taxpayers will still receive HMRC issue letters.  However, in simpler cases the need to use the post is avoided, therefore making both appealing and receiving the outcome significantly faster.

The appeals service is accessible through the PAYE/CIS Online section of HMRC’s Online Services.  The “Appeal a Penalty” heading is where any penalties that can be appealed are displayed, and it is the “Generic Notices” heading in which notification of the outcome appears.

Further details are available in HMRC’s June 2015 Employer Bulletin.

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