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'Bring Britain back together'


Posted on 1 June 2015

David Cameron promised a Queen's Speech to 'bring Britain back together' last week. Here is a list of the key laws outlined in Parliament on 27th May:

  • Enterprise Bill: Cut red tape to help save businesses £10 billion, improve business rates system and create new body to help resolve company-to-company disputes.
  • Full Employment and Welfare Bill: Benefit cap to be lowered to £23,000 while there will be a “freeze” on most working-age benefits, tax credits and child benefit for two years.
  • Personal Tax Allowance: Allowance to increase to £12,500. Will continue to rise to ensure minimum wage earners working 30 hours a week will be taken out of income tax.
  • Tax lock commitment: No income tax, VAT or National Insurance contributions rises before 2020.
  • Childcare Bill: Double the amount of free childcare to 30 hours for three and four-year-olds.
  • Housing Bill: Build more “starter homes” to be sold at a 20 per cent discount for young first-time buyers.
  • Energy Bill: Create the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) and give local communities the chance to have the “final say” on wind farms.
  • Immigration Bill: Make ”illegal working” a criminal offence and extend the principle of “deport first, appeal later” to all immigration cases.
  • Trade Unions Bill: Block strikes unless 40 per cent of all eligible union members vote for industrial action.
  • Education and Adoption Bill: Create new powers that will allow “coasting” and failing schools to be converted into academies.
  • EU Referendum Bill: Holding an In/Out vote on Britain’s membership of the European Union by the end of 2017.
  • Health and Social Care: Increase funding to £8bn extra a year by 2020 and create a seven-day NHS.
  • Cities and Local Government: Deliver growth deal for Greater Manchester and "Northern Powerhouse" plans.
  • State Pension: The state pension will be protected by a "triple lock", rising in line with the highest of growth in earnings, inflation or 2.5 per cent.
  • Scotland Bill: Implement the Smith Commission, which gives the Scottish Parliament controls to set income tax bands and change welfare policy.
  • The High Speed Rail Bill: Paves the way for the first stage of the railway from London to the West Midlands.
  • English votes for English laws: Create “fairer procedures” to ensure decisions affecting England can only be taken with consent of most English MPs.
  • Extremism Bill: Create powers to ban extremist groups, close radical mosques and allow Ofcom to better control extremist broadcasts.
  • Police and Criminal Justice Bill: Limit initial pre-charge bail to 28 days as normal, with any extensions beyond three months needing judicial approval.
  • Psychoactive Substances Bill: Dealing legal highs to become a criminal offence with up to seven years in prison.
  • Proposals for a British Bill of Rights: Proposals for new legislation to replace the Human Rights Act.


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