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Extension for filing 2014/2015 annual returns


Posted on 13 July 2015

The deadline for filing 2014/2015 annual returns is being extended due to continuous problems with the HMRC ERS online service.

Due to the change in rules from 2014/2015 regarding employment related securities (ERS), all share plans and annual returns (which were previously submitted on ‘form 42') must now be completed online.

The original deadline for these first online annual returns was 6 July, however due to problems with the ERC Online service; the online filing system was unavailable for use.

A further update should be available today (Monday 13th July), which potentially suggests that this is not a quick fix.

HMRC have stated that the filing deadline will be extended for a further five days once the system is running as normal again.

The system is still available for employers who wish to register schemes and use the file checking service.

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