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Smith Cooper and Flint Bishop help Aspin Group acquire McGrattan


Posted on 5 July 2013

Smith Cooper and Flint Bishop have assisted in the acquisition of the trade business and assets of McGrattan Piling Ltd by Aspin Group, which delivers foundations to all superstructures within the Railway environment and across industry.

David Nelson of Smith Cooper provided transaction advisory services to Aspin.

Aspin chose Ran Oren and his corporate finance team at Flint Bishop to advise on the deal on the back of a strong recommendation and due to Flint Bishop’s expertise in handling a wide range of multi-million pound acquisitions and takeovers.

Aspin are solution providers, delivering quality and competitive foundations to all superstructures within the Railway environment and across industry. The Aspin Group provide site investigation, design consultancy, management, installation and plant services, to deliver all aspects of substructure and superstructure installation across the UK and beyond.

McGrattan is a welcome addition to the Aspin Group’s already strong portfolio as it specialises in the design, supply and installation of temporary and permanent sheet piling along with the supply and installation of steel bearing, king post and tubular piles.

In particular, Mc Grattan provides complete design and construction packages for Retaining Walls, Cofferdams, Marine Piling and Foundation Piling.

Flint Bishop facilitated the deal by providing a cost-effective and responsive legal service, specifically tailored to Aspin’s due diligence and acquisition requirements, working alongside Aspin’s own professional acquisition team.

Finance Director of Aspin Group, Stephen Lee says: “Aspin are pleased to expand our portfolio delivering complimentary services whilst enhancing our existing footprint across the UK.  Flint Bishop worked very effectively with us to ensure that this transaction was undertaken as smoothly as possible.”

Smith Cooper Partner David Nelson says: “Aspin are very ambitious and it is a great pleasure to see them develop a base in Scotland from which they can continue to deliver their excellent service and broaden their client-base”.

“The McGrattan acquisition forms part of an incredibly strong deals pipeline for us over 2013. Every year, our corporate finance team handles tens of millions of pounds worth of deals, including disposals and acquisitions, joint ventures and buy-outs. These are often international in aspect and are very rarely straight-forward.”

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