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A stampede of deals


Posted on 26 January 2017

Whilst there is significant political unrest and it feels like the world is at a significant point of change you may not have noticed but news on the global economy has almost disappeared. Its actually as we are in a period of global economic stability (not a newsworthy story!). Growth is slow but steady which is putting increasing pressure on global corporates to hunt out growth. A key aspect of this is through M&A. 

According to EY’s 2017 Global Capital Barometer a staggering c.60% of CEOs surveyed were actively pursuing acquisitions! That is as high as its been for the last 5 years. Combine this with a UK economy about to go through a significant period of change, with some shareholders heading for the hills, equals a potential deal ‘bonanza’ for 2017.  

Interestingly CEOs are focusing on smaller acquisitions. Those that allow for future growth. With the pound at its current level UK assets are seen as attractive value for money. Expect high M&A activity to continue through 2017. I certainly will.   

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