From trading marbles in the playground to launching one of the world’s fastest growing sport apparel and accessories brands, Dean Jackson – founder of HUUB – celebrates Global Entrepreneurs Week with us, providing insight into his entrepreneurial journey, mistakes he’s made along the way, top tips for effective and sustainable growth plus much more.

Where did your entrepreneurial journey begin?

“I think it all started in the playground when I would trade panini stickers and marbles and try and trade my way up to the biggest bag of marbles and the biggest stack of panini stickers!”

What, in your opinion, is the most effective way of building a business, and growing sustainably?

“You’ve got to have good financials around you. If you’ve got good financials around you, you can run with your ideas, but they can be controlled and managed.”

What mistakes have you made along your entrepreneurial journey?

“When I first started [on my entrepreneurial journey] I went into panic mode and thought I had to set lots of things up… Suddenly you find you have all these plates up… when really what I should have done was focus.”

What are your top 3 tips for entrepreneurial success?

“Don’t be afraid to challenge the norm – the norm is run by people who are normal.”

HUUB has been established less than 10 years – what do you attribute to your global success?

“We’ve built a product, sure, but we’ve also built a brand, and if you build a strong brand, brands translate around the world.”