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New Year, new system?


Posted on 5 December 2013

For many of us, the New Year is the perfect time to make a change and start afresh. Whilst plenty of individuals are day-dreaming about well deserved time off during the Holiday period, others have more practical thoughts such as updating their existing accounting and ERP software in mind!

Our dedicated and Award winning Sage team have seen an influx of clients wanting to replace their existing application with one of the Smith Cooper Sage range of suites.

Sage, a market leading software provider have recently introduced two new ownership models both of which have seen plenty of interest from both existing Sage and non-Sage users. The new models mean that the software is now easily affordable and can be paid for in a way that suits you.

  • Outright purchase – Installed onto your equipment with one initial payment
  • On site subscription – Installed onto your equipment but paid for on a monthly fee basis
  • Cloud subscription – Paid on a monthly fee basis but no new hardware is needed as the application is in the cloud

As always, Sage offer the option of an ‘outright purchase’. This requires one initial payment as well as your own server to install the application onto. However, one of the new methods of ownership is the onsite subscription which eliminates the need to pay a large initial payment and offers clients the option of paying a monthly fee whilst they are using the software.

Another new ownership model Sage are offering is a ‘cloud subscription’ which is perfect for decentralised sites with users working in different locations as all that is needed to use the application is an internet connection. This appeals to users who need the functionality of Sage 200 but previously have been put off by the software and infrastructure cost of £11K + as it makes the system much more affordable at a cost of £170 per month without the need to implement any new hardware.

You could also save money

In the last quarter, Smith Cooper have converted sites from both Access Dimensions and Iris Exchequer where clients were paying in excess of £8,000 per annum in licences and support. By switching to Sage 200, both have halved their annual fees and increased their functionality.

If you would like any information on Sage software or want a review of your existing system please contact our Sage team for a free of charge appointment




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