At the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmer’s Dairy Tech 2018 event, farm minister George Eustice unveiled a £60m grant scheme to help farmers in England fund purchases of new equipment.

How much is available?

The Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme will be open to bids of between £3,000 and £12,000 to put towards equipment costs.

Larger grants of more than £35,000 are also available for projects that make more efficient use of resources and processing products to help create jobs and growth in the rural economy.

Who can apply?

George Eustice has stressed that whilst the dairy industry is the largest agricultural sector, the scheme is open to all and not just dairy farmers.

The website and application process set out details of a range of items which most farmers could find something they would want to apply for.

How to apply?

Applications can be made on the Government’s Countryside Productivity Scheme website or by clicking this link.