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Virus Warning


Posted on 8 April 2014

Virus warning!

Please be aware that there has been a marked increase in the number of computer users becoming infected with the Cryptolocker virus. 
What to look out for:
  • An email which appears to come from HMRC or Royal Mail
  • A strange looking attachment 
What happens: 
The attachment contains malware that encrypts computer files. Once encrypted, your files can only be recovered from your latest backup.
If you have opened the file and are experiencing problems or need advice, please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

Stay Cybersafe

In excess of 90% of businesses cease to operate within two years of suffering significant data loss.
As IT Specialists we would recommend a backup solution which can save you tens of thousands of pounds of lost productive time should your systems get encrypted or damaged. 
To learn more, get in touch with our dedicated IT Support team here
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