Values based entrepreneurship, in its most simple form, is a strategy that harnesses an individual’s drive to create a positive impact. It’s about disrupting the business landscape, led by a desire to have a real tangible impact, and one that is unequivocally committed to a much bigger picture; one that isn’t centred on profit alone.

The purpose of value-based entrepreneurship is to create value for both stakeholders and the wider community. It aligns with personal values, and in turn can evoke a sense of belonging for employees. This type of entrepreneurial leadership is built upon inherent transparency and authenticity.

David Nelson, Senior Partner at Smith Cooper comments “A values-based strategy fosters a culture of loyalty amongst employees, which can create a huge competitive advantage for any entrepreneur. Employees who are able to identify with a business’s vision and values are likely to be more invested, and in turn more committed.”

“Entrepreneurs who practice value-led leadership often have a far greater positive impact on society without compromising their financial position – in fact, quite the opposite.”

RDT Engineers is a prime example of such leadership. A Spanish based organisation, RDT Engineers outsources high tech engineering solutions across the globe, operating in a range of industries, including aeronautics, automotive and energy. Since its inception in 2006, RDT has expanded significantly, now employing over 1200 engineers, with a turnover nearing €60 million, and is one of the fastest growing Engineering Company’s in Europe.

We spoke to Benjamin Rosende, CEO at RDT Engineers to gain more insight into the world of values-driven entrepreneurial leadership, something which he attributes to the success of RDT.

“I already worked within the engineering industry but saw a real opportunity to make a change. I wanted to create more purpose in what I was doing, add more value to the industry, and so RDT Engineers was born.”

“One of best pieces of advice that I can offer when it comes to entrepreneurial success is to have a purpose that aligns with your own values.”

Benjamin Rosende, CEO at RDT Engineers

“Having a purpose provides you with direction – both personally and commercially – and it reaffirms why you do what you do. This type of leadership steers the way for both individuals and teams to have a real positive impact on society.”

“Treat your people well and they will help your business thrive, particularly in uncertain times.Focus less on profit – put your people first, as ultimately, they are the reason businesses prosper. And on that note, do not be afraid to share problems with your employees either – you might be surprised by how they react. Transparency is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to continued success and will help you amplify the impact you have on the wider community.”

He continues “Leverage your position to empower the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. Share the knowledge that you have accumulated and the values that drive you forward, but also provide room for your employees to flourish, and grant them the responsibility that they deserve. We operate across many different territories, and in each one we appoint experts to help steer our business – this provides them with the opportunity to succeed in their own right and also help to ensure continued success of the business.”

Further to this, Benjamin adds “Having a value-based purpose also helps to resolve a lot of questions, for example, when faced with a difficult decision, ask yourself “does this decision align with our purpose? With my purpose?” Operating with this mind set helps to ensure any critical business decisions are grounded in your purpose and values.”