Ultrasound Direct was formed by husband and wife, Mike and Jan Steward, to give people better baby scans with longer appointments and partners welcome. Having started with just a single clinic, their company network is now booking 120,000 clients a year, with a team of over 230 sonographers running more than 80 clinics across the UK.

The Fertility Partnership runs more than 22 clinics across the UK and Poland, employs over 350 staff and achieves some of the highest pregnancy success rates in Europe. The acquisition of Ultrasound Direct means its patients and other families have the choice to continue to receive close and regular monitoring throughout their pregnancy; which is especially valued amongst couples who have conceived through IVF.

The deal, which brings together the largest providers in the UK of fertility conception and pregnancy monitoring services, will significantly improve the convenience and accessibility for those undergoing IVF treatment by providing access to Ultrasound Direct’s network of clinics across the UK combined with the clinics owned and operated by The Fertility Partnership.

Apr 17

Smith Cooper Team
Dan Bowtell