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Special Situations

Many businesses face unexpected difficulties at some point in their existence and these can often lead to financial or other external pressures.

The team at Smith Cooper has a wealth of experience and relevant industry knowledge which can provide insight and solutions into the potential issues and challenges you face as a business owner.

Our Services

Our special situations team can help businesses effectively navigate financial challenges, trading issues or explore debt refinancing options in a short space of time. Our team of advisory professionals will quickly evaluate the optimal strategy for you and can help businesses access sources of debt and equity capital globally, or maximize value through an accelerated M&A process. We offer every client a bespoke solution, often in time-critical and complex situations which is driven by our ability to link a number of our service lines seamlessly.

Whatever your requirement, we will provide a tailored approach to meet your needs, in the set timeframe.

Next Steps 

If you find yourself in a challenging situation either financially or strategically please contact any of us for a confidential, no-obligation initial consultation.