The Client’s Request

Company growth is inevitably an exciting yet challenging time for any business owner. For our client, the growth of the business was leading to an imbalance between the time dedicated to the HR responsibilities and the strategic needs of the business.

With such rapid expansion, the owners were finding juggling the process of attracting and recruiting new talent whilst also managing the day to day HR and business responsibilities extremely time consuming and approached us for help with overseeing the HR function.

How We Helped

Following an initial free HR review and discussions with the business owners, it was decided that the best solution was to outsource the HR function to us, taking the pressure off the directors and allowing them to focus their time on what matters most – the running of the business!

For this client, hiring an internal HR Manager was not an option due to the high cost and so, we now act as their ‘virtual HR manager’.  As part of our ongoing role we offer strategic and organisational advice to the Directors.  Using our knowledge and experience, we have assisted the business with choosing new key staff members to join the team, have implemented proper procedures, and policies, whilst also offering commercially based advice to their line managers.

The Result

Our support to the client is ongoing and has alleviated the pressure on the Directors, allowing them to commit more time to their own workload, whilst ensuring that all HR matters are being dealt with by experienced professionals.    Outsourcing HR to us has meant that our client now works safe in the knowledge that their HR responsibilities are managed professionally and cost effectively.