The client was struggling to attract and retain the right calibre of staff and experiencing an uncomfortable level of staff turnover. The client would appoint staff who subsequently proved unsuitable for the role, or alternatively they would lose key staff who did not stay longer than a year.

How we helped

Vivienne worked closely with the client, reviewing the strategy they had in place and developing a new recruitment and onboarding method.
By doing so, the client was able to focus on showcasing the employer brand, identify ways to target the best employees and introduce processes to nurture talent. This more effective solution entailed;

  • A more structured approach to the job roles; clear job and person specifications
  • Identifying the most effective advertising channels
  • Considering the client’s organisational objectives and seeking out candidates who match their culture
  • Vivienne’s provision of interview skills training and involvement in supporting the interviewing process
  • Introduction of a structured onboarding process which reaches beyond the initial recruitment phase and reflects ongoing career planning and employee engagement

The result

Following the successful implementation of a new recruitment strategy, the client benefitted from an onboarding procedure that was better aligned to the business and reduced the level of staff turnover. Line managers were more engaged in the recruitment process, stronger candidates were applying for the roles, there was a more rigorous approach to interviews, and their recruitment process was generally more professional and representative of the clients’ own ethos.

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