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Christopher Campbell


I am an analyst for the Corporate Finance division for Smith Cooper involved with researching and approaching potential business clients.
What can I do for your organisation?

As an analyst it's my responsibility to ensure that the best possible business candidates are found and to help secure and develop relationships.
Experience counts

Throughout my time at university I gained and evolved my researching experience and knowledge, refining and honing my analytical skills. I was also given several opportunities during my education to work with various businesses on projects and increase my personal experience with CRM and business research skills.
Deeper knowledge

Recently graduating from University after studying Information technology management and business I have developed key technological and analytical skills useful to my position, as well as crucial CRM skills and knowledge to help develop critical Client relationships.  
Personally speaking

A very key passion of mine is my love for music, from my growing collection of vintage vinyl to a more modern genre of music, listening to new and developing artists.